How to Start a conversation with a girl? Such an opening quickly opens the conversation with the girl

If you want to talk to a girl, but you don’t know how to start a conversation with a girl, you need a good conversation opener to quickly open the topic with a girl, and then you can start a conversation smoothly. So what conversation opener do girls like? Love recommends a quick conversation starter to open the conversation with a girl. Teach you how to start a conversation with a girl.

How to Start a conversation with a girl? Such an opening quickly opens the conversation with the girl

1. Make a humorous opening statement

Many people and girls meet, often the first sentence will choose to introduce themselves. This process is right, and it is also polite and respectful to girls.

But if you come up to each other polite, the first meeting is “hello, I am XX”, “Nice to meet you”… This will only put up an unfamiliar barrier between you and her, and will do nothing to ease the awkwardness. Therefore, introducing yourself with an interesting opening line is the first step to impress a girl.

Introduce yourself in reverse, such as: “Hello, as you can see, I’m the ugly XXX.” Introduce yourself with a nickname, such as: “Hello, my name is black horse prince, was a white horse, was covered by your light.” Or, create a conversation opener with a humorous compliment, such as: “You look beautiful today, did you dress up specially for me?”, “You look beautiful today, I am handsome, not a bit of a loser.” Impress the girl with these fun opening introductions and quickly bond with her.

2. An opening line that combines the latest trends

What’s popular these days, pop culture, a lot of people pay attention to it, you pay attention to it, girls pay attention to it. Such as the recently released movies, or the recent hot books, comics and social hotspots, etc.

On a date, your opening line can incorporate these hot topics, such as: “Did you see the movie XX?” “Recently, this XX is very popular, you read it?” “Or” Recently, the Internet super hot XX event, do you follow? “and so on.

Once a girl comes across something they are interested in, she will be excited to participate in your topic and express her own opinion. In their areas of expertise, girls will feel more relaxed and confident, creating a comfortable chatting atmosphere, and dating will go more smoothly.

3. A conversation starter to share an interesting experience

In the process of dating, we all have a purpose, is in the process, to deepen the understanding of the girl, understand the other is what kind of personality, what kind of attitude towards what things. The same goes for girls! So, the opening line of sharing an interesting experience is a quick way to open up the conversation and get the conversation going, because the girl can get a sense of your personality in the process.

For example: Something along the lines of “The other day, a funny thing happened to me at work…” “Recently, I saw… on the subway.” Wait for the opening line. These interesting opening lines are good conversation pieces that easily evoke resonance and break the ice. But be careful, in you and the girl is not too familiar with the situation, try to pick some funny, funny, harmless fun to share, too much similar to the expression of complaints and dissatisfaction, will affect their image.

How to Start a conversation with a girl? Such an opening quickly opens the conversation with the girl

4. A conversation opener with shared memories

For the memories of children and students, everyone has endless topics to say. With a recall of the opening, you can quickly find the common ground between the two people, causing emotional resonance. You can deliberately bring these topics, such as: “university, I participate in the XX club, in the club is XX secretary”, “university sleep in truant, miss class by the teacher, the end of the semester is very sad” and so on memories of fun.

Or, when you pass by some dolls, toy stores, you can say: “This small toy, when I was a child often cry, dead or alive to parents to buy money”, “still remember this bear doll, we were good fire, I often hug it to sleep” and so on.

For emotionally rich girls, when you share these simple, awkward topics, with some of the embarrassing things that happened in school, you can evoke countless topics.

5. Start a conversation with your favorite conversation starter

On a date, when you find out that a woman is interested in something or something, it’s important to start a conversation that suits her. For example, when eating, girls have a special preference for a certain taste and a certain food. Combined with girls’ interest points and interests, you can talk more about this food, express your own opinions, and expand more topics. Or, girls are very interested in clothing, fashion wear and other aspects, you can according to the usual to these aspects of some understanding, views, as a conversation opener, so it is easy to open the girl’s chatterbox.

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