My courage! After I met you, I tried all the impossible things

Perhaps everyone’s youth memory, there is such a person, he is unknown, belongs to the shy pure school. Your paths were few, but they were deep in his heart. Perhaps, his affection only into a short blessing:

“I hope you find Mr. Right soon.” Even if it wasn’t me, I would.

You light up most of his brief moments of joy, and you, too, are thrilled by his appreciation. Youth in the ignorant atmosphere, filled with the whole summer, from the first to leave the whole summer.

My courage! After I met you, I tried all the impossible things

Remember the first words out of your mouth?

In self-introduction, everyone talks about dreams and so on. He was the first person to put his name on the board. And the first one to call out their own clear dreams. To start a company. It’s just, it’s a different kind of company.

Little A is attracted by Little C’s introduction. Start paying attention to him. Found that little C’s dream, and the reality, only one step away.

Xiao C is an online writer who has won several national awards. Relying on their own code word, earned their first bucket of gold, so that among the peers, gave birth to a sense of superiority. Also by this, in the code word this road to go further and further. I began to feel the hardships of life. And a little cocky.

“A”, a very talented photographer. Coincidentally, little A wanted to make money by himself, but he never realized it. I guess there are some reasons. “Do you know how you feel when you meet someone?” said Xiao A.

Every day after I met little C, I was very happy because of her. Besides, before we got together, I thought, this is impossible. But now, I feel, how impossible things, I dare to try.

According to the recollections of their high school classmates, in the class, little A and little C had a very good relationship, except to go to class, toilet, basically did not see them leave. PE class is glued together, their laughter, scattered on the playground.

I dare to isolate the opposite sex for her. Do you dare?

My courage! After I met you, I tried all the impossible things

That was the beginning of my exposure to the matter.

Little A took a stand on the wall, because someone blatantly challenged Little C when they knew she had a boyfriend. Small A sent a long text, about their acquaintance, falling in love. And said that little A had isolated the opposite sex for little C when he was in high school. This, the provocateurs, may not be able to do.

At that time, most people in the circle of friends were affected by this incident. People in love began to laugh at their boyfriends, why they were not like this. And those who claim to be single long live also start to say that they want to fall in love.

Everything looks good. However, I do not know that little A spoiled little C with his efforts, and he did not wait for the result in his mind. Soon after this incident, they chose to leave.

Some people say that little A waited all night in the rain at Little C’s house, but nothing changed. I don’t think little C has ever been in love.

I know. “A” is trying what he thinks is impossible.

Even at this moment, the future of little C is full of bright, little A’s future is not hopeful.

Time will let us know a lot of things, let us know the original brave, the original green, at the beginning of their own and now their own, who is right.

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