Can not meet the day, I know how much you love

Two people who love each other can not meet, but miss each other, the pain of the lovesickness has full of happiness. Every year on February 14, think of a romantic Valentine’s Day. How valentine’s day is an annual holiday before couples young couples will be thinking about it over and over again, set a romantic luxury restaurant a great meal, buy the right gift for each other, to make her happy, or took advantage of the festive atmosphere, and asked her to marry him, others are going to this feeling ceremony day on valentine’s day, go to civil affairs bureau to license.

Can not meet the day, I know how much love you

Today’s Valentine’s Day is special and unforgettable. Expensive Western restaurants are closed, ordered gifts cannot be delivered, and romantic marriage proposals have to be cancelled. Want to get a card civil affairs bureau is not office, oneself also dare not go out. In previous years, Valentine’s Day, the street is very busy, everywhere can see pairs of couples, the face is filled with happy smile, can not help feeling that he is old.

But after taking off the coat of ritual sense and the packaging of money, love makes us recognize the appearance of love itself. People who love each other can not meet, there is no hug, no kiss, only miss and love across the screen. No gifts or flowers, no romantic candlelight in the dining room. In two people can not meet in the day, love is as I think, still hard as stone. In front of the disaster, once said to protect you, always accompany you, whether really fulfilled his promise. Let’s listen to the insipid love story in the fireworks.

Can not meet the day, I know how much love you

Xiao YUN IS 28 YEARS OLD, IT IS A NURSE, AFTER EPIDEMIC OUTBREAK, XIAO YUN TAKES THE INITIATIVE TO FIGHT THE first line of EPIDEMIC, her husband firmly does not agree, others stay at home do not go out, you want to do contrarian, even if not for the boyfriend to consider, also want to consider for their elderly parents. But Xiao Yun insisted on going, so her boyfriend and she quarreled, she cried very sad, feel her boyfriend does not understand her. Then, her boy friend prAYS every DAY Xiao Yun does not WANT TO BE chosen, RESULT Xiao Yun STILL IS chosen.

After Xiao Yun left, her boyfriend could not sleep well every night. The first thing he did when he woke up in the morning was to brush Weibo, read the news, see the news that the epidemic was controlled, and pray that Xiao Yun could come back safely. He knew it was his duty as a soldier in white to enlist and fight in his country’s time of need. Every time he sees the news that the medical staff are doing their best to fight on the front line, he feels proud of Xiao Yun, but he also feels worried and uneasy. He regretted quarreling with Xiao Yun at the beginning, should not become her stumbling block, but should become the tree that protects her, be relied on by the mountain. He sent a wechat apology to Xiao Yun, and every afternoon will send a greeting to Xiao Yun, he knew Xiao Yun was very busy, sometimes wearing protective clothing is not convenient, as long as she can receive a smile expression, he was at ease. He looked forward to the day when she would return in triumph. He would apologize to her face to face and propose to her to protect her for life.

Can not meet the day, I know how much love you

Xiao Qin 35 years old, is a people’s teacher, years ago she had a holiday husband but busy not to come back, said to the New Year’s Eve in the morning to come back. So, she a person at home cleaning, do Spring Festival goods, busy. Though busy, she felt warm in her heart and waited for the Spring Festival when the family would get together.

Because of the outbreak, everyone was quarantined at home, so they couldn’t visit their relatives to see their parents. So she stayed home with her husband and six-year-old child during the pandemic. My husband is always busy at ordinary times and has never cooked at home. This time, I could not go anywhere at home, let alone go to work, so my husband took the initiative to cook, and did not know how to cook on the Internet, never let Xiao Qin go to the kitchen, saying that she was always a person to manage the housework, too hard, finally have time, let him to take charge of the family three meals a day. She was moved when she saw her husband cooking with great care. My husband must be a beginner. Sometimes I forget to put salt in the cooking. Sometimes I put salt twice in a dish, but she still eats very fragrant. My heart is warm.

Can not meet the day, I know how much love you

The husband not only cooks, but also cleans the house and takes the children to play. The violin is playing on the mobile phone. When the husband watches TV, he will turn the volume down very low for fear that the violin will be affected. That’s the longest they’ve been together since they got married. He saw her husband fumbling busily, his face revealed the heart to feel extremely happy, his face is also filled with a sweet smile, between husband and wife seems to be just married, sweet with a little shy.

Can not meet the day, I know how much love you

There is no vows of eternal love between them, no too many love words, no expensive gifts, only love to forever action. There are thousands of ways to express love, accompany is love, care is love, love is love, willing to spend money is also love. When the accident comes, when the mountains and rivers are separated, when the disease comes, when the poor, do not give up, do not ask for return, do not look back. Valentine’s Day 2020 was monotonous, but memorable. Forget some people thousands of miles apart, but the heart is together, forget the screen hug love is still warm, as long as you are safe I am very happy. Although there is no romantic candlelight dinner, no gift, but still can find the true meaning of love in the ordinary day. Love knows no age, no place, no class. Love is eternal.

Can not meet the day, I know how much love you

Love is always what to eat is not important, where to go is not important, what to say is not important, the important thing is to experience together, grow together, even if not side by side, as long as two hearts together, that is the interpretation of love. May all lovers become Jack shall have Jill, and may everyone who believes that love guards love have your happiness as soon as possible.

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