People’s life has too many memories, at least we once had

Love is the best time in life, is the most worth remembering and nostalgia, even if it is nearly dusk, think of the beauty of love, the heart is still sweet. Every one of us has been in a relationship, some of which worked out, some of which had to go their separate ways. However, no matter what kind of results, once that time is worth nostalgia, hard to forget.

She and he went to work in a factory, and later was divided into a workshop, he does not love to talk, long tall and handsome, is the factory in all girls in the heart of the male god, there will always be a lot of suitors around, but he did not look at. He had a special liking for her, she could not believe it, because she was plain looking, not tall, and a little bit fat, figure is not very good, she did not understand what he saw in her, so she always avoided him, she was afraid of being hurt, did not dare to accept his love.

People’s life has too many memories, at least we once had

But he is very persistent, always help her work, her home factory far away, often bullied by the local girls, he became her patron saint, is more jealous of other girls from factory, the girls always do some mischief, once he couldn’t stand it, to see that a few girls outside, have never seen his hair so big of the fire, that a few girls scare has been for mercy, Said he would never dare again.

As she was an only child, she was spoiled at home and could not get used to the food in the canteen, so he often brought some food from home or bought her some snacks she liked to eat outside. That day, the village near the factory has a movie, he called her to go to see, she did not want to go out with him at night, afraid of others gossip, but he has been begging, weekdays proud of the man, like a child in front of her, her heart softened, but also moved, agreed to his request. That night, she and he is to walk, along the way not to talk, she is always slow down, behind him, did not dare to walk with him, he occasionally look back, that night the moon is bright, fast to show the place, he stopped, waiting for her to walk up to hold her hand, more people watch the movie, he said he had lost his she squeezed, her face got red, Couldn’t help but lower his head, but the heart rate is accelerated, a feeling of electric shock.

People’s life has too many memories, at least we once had

The movie began, he took her hand has not put, see the thrilling place, she could not help to drill into his arms, he held her tightly, she felt his body temperature, feel his solid shoulders, at this time, she hoped that the time passed slowly, slowly again. After a while the film is over, he and her out of the screening, holding hands when she came back, she felt the road is very short, she deliberately walked slowly, she wanted to stay with him for a while, even if not speak, as long as you can hear his breathing, she is happy.

Once, her fingers accidentally pressed by a machine, a lot of blood, he was almost crying love dearly, she saw with tears in his eyes twinkle, her hand although very painful, but my heart is happy, she felt the fingers pressed was worth it, at least she saw his feelings towards him, love is so completely, so be dead set, He was the only man she could count on in her life.

People’s life has too many memories, at least we once had

However, it is often the day is not successful, just when they love the glue, they are in the factory because of the product backlog too much, can not sell out, capital turnover, workers can not pay, have to stop production. When he left, he told him that he must wait for him and go to her house in a few days to propose marriage. There were no phones or other means of contact, and they parted ways that day and never saw each other again.

Later, after hearing that he had been to her house, her parents, who did not know, lied to him that she was engaged, and asked him not to look for her again, so as not to damage his reputation. She and he just missed each other and never saw each other again. Occasionally she would feel a pang when she thought of him, wondering how he was getting on.

People’s life has too many memories, at least we once had

She and he had not been in love with vigour and vitality, but their feelings are engraved on my heart, they do not have a romantic, but there is plain happiness. She did not expect that she and he a don’t is a lifetime, perhaps this is predestined to have no points, she can only silently bless him in my heart.

People in this life will be wrong a lot of people and things, missed is missed, will not come back, but left is endless missing and love, maybe is what people often say, meet is not as good as miss, this feeling is also very good. As a song sings, no matter how it will end, at least we have been together, do not bother to restrain each other, more do not need words of commitment, as long as we have had, it is enough for you and me, people’s life has too many memories, at least we have had.

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