Spend the rest of your life with someone who will listen to you

For a long time, it has been thought that two people who love each other must agree on three things to go on for a long time. Reality tells us that it is not possible to agree on three things only. The most important thing for a happy marriage is that your other half is willing to listen to you, even if what you say is nonsense, he will listen to you patiently.

Xiao Cheng and Xiao Hui always quarreled recently because of some triviality, Xiao Hui personality cheerful and lively, small into taciturn, not good at words, originally this pair of husband and wife character complementary, is a more perfect husband and wife partner. However, Xiao Hui likes to listen to the news outside, or the trouble in the heart to small into listen, because the husband and wife together to keep silent is too meaningless, leisure to sit down to chat can also enhance the feelings between each other. However, Hsiao Hui as long as a mouth to talk, small into will be very impatient, said Hsiao Hui nonsense too much, do not let a person quiet for a while. Hsiao Hui is very helpless, even if there are grievances in the heart also no place to tell, can only hold in the heart, she felt that her marriage is not a little vitality, the home is always dead, the heart is very depressed.

Spend the rest of your life with someone who will listen to you

Hsiao Hui like listening to music, small into like watching TV, Hsiao Hui search to a new song, want to open to listen to, just opened, small into her fierce: “the volume down a little, the noisy dead!” Hsiao Hui is actually putting the volume to the low tune, listen to small into so said, to gas, “this still like a home? It’s depressing to be shouted at at the slightest movement!” Is a family has this difficult to read, the couple in outsiders, Hehemumu is very good, small into not to talk, certainly not and Xiao Hui quarrel, is a rare good man. Xiao Hui heard these words, the heart felt very helpless.

Two people live together, the most happy thing is that the other half can listen to you patiently, willing to listen to you nagging, and you say sincere words, willing to communicate with you and exchange each other’s feelings. Who all want to let their words, get the other party timely and warm response, rather than a word to say not to be interrupted.

Spend the rest of your life with someone who will listen to you

What a husband and wife need is communication and communication. They can listen to each other patiently. People who can talk should first be good at listening to each other’s heart. The one who listens attentively to you is the one who cares about you the most. The one who listens attentively to each other is a happy marriage.

Yesterday at dinner, my husband told me that although the epidemic has been controlled, we should try not to go to crowded places. I wanted to say, the weather is good today, after dinner take out the quilt cool, this sentence just to the mouth I swallowed back, said, yes, you go out also want to be careful, must remember to wear a mask. The HUSBAND LOOKED AT ME GENTLY and said, thank the wife adult’s concern. We smiled at each other and felt very warm and kind. This meal gave us a taste of sweet happiness.

Spend the rest of your life with someone who will listen to you

Listening to your partner and responding in a timely manner will make them feel present and important to you, and it will also warm up your relationship. Home is not a person gushing embarrassment, not from the sorrow of their own words, but attentively listen to each other’s words and timely response, isn’t this the good life you want?

What we are looking for in our whole life is not the person who can talk, who can listen to you patiently, even if what you say is nonsense, he will not abandon will not be bored. When you are in a bad mood, that person would like you to listen to your troubles. When you are happy, he is willing to share your happiness with you. Even after a hard day, he will cheer up and listen to the interesting things and new things you have encountered in this day.

Spend the rest of your life with someone who will listen to you

For the rest of your life, surround yourself with people who will listen to you, who will respect your interests without interfering too much with your freedom, and who will even support you and encourage you to fulfill your own desires. When you encounter difficulties, to fight with you, instead of complaining about you, control you. With the people who are willing to listen to you, you will not feel lonely, there is no anxiety of not being understood and not being cared for. May the person around you be patient to listen to you, listen to you nagging, do your loyal listener, so that your love and marriage for a long time fresh.

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