Can fall in love treat depression?

Romantic Tanabata Festival, lonely heart more than usual for warmth.

People need love, it is a normal human need, but it becomes the trouble of depression patients.

Many patients with depression are concerned about these problems:

Should I start a relationship or not?

Can falling in love cure my depression?

Love, will let ta hate me?

A good relationship can help depression

In the hit drama Life of PI 2, Qian Sanyi’s depression seems to be “cured” overnight by Lin Miaomiao because of the magic of love.

Qian Sany is a very representative case of adolescent depression.

He listened to his mother, was a sensible child at home, and was a typical high achiever at school. There was no shortage of food and clothing at home, but the spirit was very depressed.

Poor family relationships are the root cause of Qian’s depression.

His mother, Pei Yin, is a singer who plays a variety of Musical Instruments. She is brilliant and charming in front of the camera, but she is paranoid and stuck in an unhappy marriage.

The strained parental relationship was not conducive to Qian Sanyi’s growth.

After the divorce, Pei Yin’s desire to control her son became even worse. She every day around the money trinity turn, do not fall in love, do not remarry, do not develop their own career, gave her son a lot of pressure. Qian Sany felt that it was because of herself that she let her mother sacrifice so much.

So it was inevitable that Qian Sany would fall in love with Lin Miaomiao in high school. Although Lin Miaomiao’s family is not rich, but she has a relaxed family atmosphere, Lin Miaomiao’s personality is straightforward and lively, a second test is happy, which is the envy of Qian Sany lifestyle.

After suffering from depression and claustrophobia, Qian Sany’s temperament changed greatly. She hid at home every day and dared not go out easily. She not only lost her former appearance, but also could not take care of herself.

Qian Sany also often hallucinations and auditory hallucinations, when the disease attack, there is a strong sense of suffocation. He had to use drugs to sleep every day and even threw himself into a lake.

Qian Sany, who was so seriously ill, improved significantly on the day after she was accepted by Lin Miaomiao again. He went home that night and slept through the night without medicine.

A good lover, for patients with depression, is indeed an effective treatment.

Research suggests that one of the root causes of depression is a lack of connection in society and family, a feeling of emptiness and disconnection.

People with depression don’t want to be a burden to others, and relatives and friends want them to be able to manage their depression without affecting others.

However, being alone often worsens depressive symptoms.

The good lover can help the partner heal the original personality defects, strengthen the mental antibodies, and improve the partner’s sense of happiness, reduce the partner’s susceptibility to depression.

Love is not an antidote to depression

However, everything has an AB side.

Just like in Life of PI 2, when Yu Di learns that Qian Sany and Lin Miaomiao have made peace with each other, she reminds him: “The stress-relieving medicine is also very likely to become a source of stress.”

Although love itself is wonderful enough, don’t get so caught up in the early stages that you ignore the problems in the future.

For pathological reasons, depression, anxiety patients in the face of negative events, the ability to bear is much lower than ordinary people. If you come across an unhealthy relationship, your fragile psychological state is likely to worsen.

Brokenhearted people are more likely to suffer from “post-traumatic stress disorder” and even engage in self-harming behavior.

Compared with normal people, people with depression who lack enthusiasm for study, career and life are more likely to be incapable of love emotionally.

Waiting is a state of affairs for most people with love disability, and most of us don’t have the good fortune to meet the “right person”.

Because of the lack of love, people with depression are prone to interpret a little kindness from each other as love, which leads to a head of heat and an unequal love.

Even Qian Sany and Lin Miaomiao, a couple made for each other, face a more mundane life after the passion of love dies down. At this time, plenty of love and company is more important.

Just like in the Japanese movie “The Husband Has Depression”, when the other half is sick, the couple needs to go through more tests, there are financial difficulties, and negative emotions affect each other. If the lover can survive, such a relationship is the sunshine of the depressed patients.

For people with depression, they need doctors and medicine, not just a lover.

We should not treat our loved ones as a cure just because we are sick.

No single choice or person is the ultimate solution for people with depression.

Depressed disease patient falls in love, what to need to notice?

The ability to meet love is one of two things that make healthy relationships possible for both depressed and healthy people:

1, to have the ability to let each other see their own; 2, after meeting him to have the ability to accept love; 3, after the relationship to have the ability to maintain a deep relationship.

The other is the ability to actively love:

1. The ability to express love; 2. the ability to continue to love; 3. Have the inertia to make the other person need me.

People with depression need to accept their scars before they can start a relationship.

Depression doesn’t mean you’re incomplete or vulnerable. You can’t miss out on happiness by facing pain instead of avoiding it.

You can have your own interests, too, and remember that you have the power to give and receive love.

When you are sad for no reason, just quietly let your lover accompany you. There is no need for chicken soup or even talking, because companionship itself has a good healing effect.

You don’t need anyone’s help to be happy. Your happiness is related to everyone, but not decided by them.

Try to understand the person you love. Understanding is the foundation of trust. You trust him because you trust yourself and believe that your judgment and choices are right.

Be who you are and you will be happy. Don’t settle for anything, because unequal relationships are not destined to last.

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