A person is not alone want to a person alone

After breaking up to save the emotional sayings, a person is not alone want to a person alone. Want to save each other after breaking up, but don’t know what to say, it’s time for you to learn some emotional quotes after breaking up to save, love chat network carefully selected emotional quotes after breaking up to save, help you save success!

A person is not alone want to a person alone

1, a silly heart, in the crazy waiting for your forgiveness!

2, here I sincerely ask you to forgive, don’t angry, ok?

3, I know this hurt you, but please forgive me.

4, keep writing diary, I do not know what can not stop is the pen, or memory.

5, but I said immediately regret, why should I be so excited to say that.

6, you are not always said that you “prime minister belly can punt”, then don’t dispute with me!

7, is my nonsense caused by the disaster, I’m sorry, I don’t nonsense, please forgive me!

8, baby, I should play, I should scold, all blame I don’t listen to you, baby don’t angry?

9, I really love you, close my eyes, think I can forget, but shed tears, but did not lie to yourself.

10, dear, borrow this information I hope you can forgive my willfulness, my temper is bad, please don’t give up on me.

11, true love a person, will try to make him happy, he happy you will be happy, then both sides have a passion.

12, the balloon is too full will burst, although your skin is thick, but also can’t hold too long ah, let some air, even from below.

13, I’m afraid you and I break up, I hope your mind forever delete this sentence, I will never say again.

A person is not alone, think a person alone; A person who loves others is not happy, a person who is loved is happy.

15, Although I often make you angry, but this is not my intention. How much I love you, love to even life can abandon.

The above is [after breaking up to save emotional quotations a person is not alone to think of a person alone] all content, to learn more flirty sister love words, please pay attention to love chat network!

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