What is love?

1, love is: when you are cooking with a bang in the kitchen, I suddenly hug you tightly from behind.

2, love is: you are reading in bed, imperceptibly fell asleep, I give you gently cover the quilt, afraid you catch cold.

3, love is: the two of us lying on the sofa reading and chatting, to the end of the sleepy intention to attack, embrace a nap for a while.

4, love is: the weekend ready popcorn and potato chips, we watch soap operas or movies, steal a half day off.

5, love is: thunderstorm outside the window, you are afraid to hide in my arms, I caressed your hair to comfort you.

6, love is: I put on a birthday hat, holding a cake, carefully waiting for you to come home, hidden behind the door ready to give you a big surprise.

7, love is: when you are working and resting, I print a kiss on your forehead.

8, love is: we are happy at home together dance in the sky, your skirt drift with the wind.

9, love is: occasionally I will give you do a breakfast, let her no longer work hard for the housework.

What is love? What is love like? What love is good

10, love is: I can tolerate you all kinds of strange sleeping position, as long as I can feel your breathing.

11, love is: when shopping, one of us give an ice cream, and then taste each other’s taste.

12, love is: when you are sad for life, I sit with you on the steps to listen to your heart.

13, love is: happy, we open the mode of fun.

14, when you cry in the middle of the night, I will lend you a warm embrace.

15, love is: in the spring beautiful weather, we eat a delicious meal together, raise your glass.

16, love is: in autumn, we take the camera, guitar and snacks, go outdoors together painting.

17, love is: when you work and rest, I give coffee and snacks in time.

18, love is: in the morning, we wash face to face together, together to meet the new day.

19, love is: we will look at their childhood photos together, talking about childhood events, regret why not earlier met you.

20, love is: we keep a dog, free time to give it bath, play.

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