What kind of relationships don’t last?

Two people in a hurry to know each other, in a hurry to be together.

Say do not understand, YOU MUST be to retort a few sentences “We know each other for two months, how can not understand?” Yes, you know his name, his job, his age, where he was born, and you know a few things about his preferences and the patterns of conversation you have with him. But when it comes to understanding, you feel that sometimes you don’t understand him, and he doesn’t seem to understand you that well.

He does not know that you suddenly say good night is angry waiting for him to coax, you do not know that his reply is slow some do not want to continue your topic. You don’t think you’re close enough, but he calls you “honey,” “honey,” “wife.” You think you’re close enough, but apart from the information you can share with anyone, your differences seem to lack a little soul.

Your everyday conversation would be:

Good morning, dear!

Honey, it’s time for lunch

Honey, what are you doing? I’m in. You want to join us?

What do you usually talk about?

I was on the team last night

It was a close win

One more word and you go to sleep

Lovers, but your relationship is more like playmates.

To eat and drink together, to play, to pass the time of boredom.

Did not think about the future, did not think about the future, asked him he said “the future is too far away, think so much what to do” meaning is muddle along.

Instead of talking about deeper issues, you just wander around in shallow ones. Sometimes you even feel that you have nothing to say, as if you have used up a lifetime of passion and topics in just two months

When you have an argument, instead of resolving each conflict, you simply move on

Don’t think about long-term development, just want to muddle along

Recall the original intention of the beginning of this relationship, you have forgotten that they are heart, is boring, or simply because envy others to come together with a lively.

How can such feelings last?

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