15 Signs of the Love Brain

1, for love selective blind, automatically ignore each other’s shortcomings, feel that the world only the best each other.

2, think love is 24 hours stick together, should only live each other.

3, Qiong Yao drama male/female protagonist, for love great joy great sorrow.

4, always put each other’s needs before their own, no bottom line for each other to pay.

5, there is no bottom line in the relationship, always choose to forgive, think you can change each other.

6, clearly hurt is their own, but always make excuses for each other.

7, willing to unconditionally change yourself for love, easy to lose reason after injury, in order to retain each other hurt themselves.

8, overly suspicious, always suspect that the other party is not loyal, do not love themselves, etc.

9, for each other’s preferences and give up their own preferences and social, the other person does not like to contact with other members of the opposite sex, and so the opposite sex friends cut off contact.

10. Put each other at the center of everything you do and plan everything around each other.

11, think of each other is more important than family, even ignore the existence of family, feel that they can not do without him.

12, not confident, humble, no confidence in front of each other, what each other do feel good, what you do feel good.

13, every day worried that he will not be happy, worried that he will lose his temper, and then carefully please him.

14, whether it is in principle or other small things, the other one said nice words, take a soft immediately forgive or immediately obedient; Willingly fell into his honey pot.


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