Here are 3 pieces of evidence that two people have had sex

The feelings between the opposite sex are always the most complex. You said there was something going on between them, but they always called each other friends.

But you say they are really very pure, but in the process of daily communication, it is easy to see the difference between them. In fact, how the feelings between them, only in which they are most clear, others can not see through, even their own, not necessarily clear.

However, no matter how complicated the feelings are, whether they cross the line or not, it is necessarily a completely different matter. And, as long as the boundary is crossed, it will naturally leave a lot of evidence.

Generally speaking, two people have had sex, will leave these three “evidence”.

No longer shy away from intimate physical contact

Between the opposite sex, as long as they are still friends, even if the relationship is good, it is still different between men and women. This is also the biggest difference between heterosexual friends and couples.

Between lovers, even if the relationship is not so good, even if they are about to break up, they are still the most important people around each other, even if they still sleep together, there is no big deal.

However, between heterosexual friends, no matter how long you have known each other, no matter how good your relationship is, you should not have too close physical contact.

Generally speaking, two people have sex, already have each other’s all, will no longer shy away from intimate physical contact, will subconsciously leave this evidence, there is no hiding.

This is like, the first time to drive a car, it is inevitable to be cautious, but the number of times on the road, also become an old driver.

Between talking and laughing, more special flavor

Between people, the relationship in the end is close is sparse, or is close to which degree, between the speech and behavior, there will be very different.

Especially for the opposite sex friends, if you really are pure friendship, even if you will say some color topic, but also often just casually said, absolutely will not go into the analysis. After all, if you do, you will both be afraid of being misunderstood by the other.

So, in heterosexual intercourse, when two people have sex, they will have some special taste between the contact, there will be evidence of this.

This kind of evidence, you have no words to express clearly, but, a look and listen, already know the whole answer.

Spend the night at each other’s houses

The feelings between men and women, in fact, is such that when there is a river between you, even if only separated by a layer of paper, will behave properly.

But if you had all jumped into the middle river, you would have burst the Windows, and even removed them, and there would have been no need to gild the lily. When we face each other again, it will be more direct and closer.

In fact, two people have a relationship, it is inevitable to leave from the bone do not regard each other as outsiders, will casually spend the night in each other’s home, there is no hiding.

Even though it is not too late, we do not go home after dinner, but naturally go to one of the other’s houses.

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