When there is an affair between the opposite sex, these details are evidence

Once there is an ambiguous relationship between the opposite sex, few people can escape completely; Some people, even a lifetime can not completely come out. Don’t underestimate the momentum of ambiguity, it is enough to make you unwilling, crazy, obsessed with, can not give up.

Most of the time, even if separated, will let you remember from time to time, once you meet again, maybe in other people’s eyes is normal a word, can let you fall again. Once the sense of boundaries between men and women can not grasp, once the feelings are released, will bring unimaginable consequences.

Of course, if two people who have had an affair, once the relationship is not certain, the damage is never less than the loss of love. You can’t eat, you can’t sleep, you’re afraid to get involved in relationships, you’re always comparing. They may even deny themselves whether they are really not suitable for a relationship… .

But in real life, many of us can’t correctly distinguish between heterosexual relationships. I thought we were just friends! What is ambiguous? So what details are evidence of an affair?

Ambiguity in language

Shakespeare said, “Love is like a child: it wants what it wants at once.” It’s the same with having a crush on someone, you want to get close to her, get in touch with him, be nice to him.

In the dead of night, you will find that the chat between the opposite sex gradually becomes ambiguous; The two, who had felt serious during the day, became bolder and bolder as they chatted late at night. Even between each other more exclusive nickname, every day to say good morning, good night; I can’t help but want to share things with him… Don’t underestimate these trivial details, it is often the embodiment of your feelings.

Believe it or not, all romantic relationships start with long conversations.

02 Spiritual induction

Between the opposite sex, as the relationship gets closer, you will find that there is more of a telepathy between each other. Two people gradually also have no words not to talk, also had to say endless topic; Because of the trust and care of each other, they gradually narrowed the distance between them. I always feel that what I want in my heart, the other side can immediately perceive.

03 Physical contact

Normally, we only touch physically when our feelings are overwhelming. Quite simply, if you don’t have a crush on him, you won’t let him casually touch you physically. Similarly, if you have a crush on him, you will “revel” in seemingly ordinary physical contact.

These intentional and unintentional physical contact, is exactly the opposite sex between the performance of mutual love, is also the evidence of mutual ambiguity!

Create opportunities to be alone together

Poet Isakovsky said: “Love, this is not one heart to beat another heart, but two hearts together hit the spark.” Ambiguous in fact, the same is true, only two people are willing to give each other a chance, then it is possible to let the ambiguous to continue.

As the relationship between the opposite sex gets closer, the time spent together will naturally increase. Two people also know to have tacit understanding ground to make alone together opportunity; It seems that obviously there is nothing to do, but because he is working overtime, he will deliberately find something to do, and then wait for him to go off work together; Or in various excuses, meet together to eat, play together……

The opposite sex alone is the catalyst for ambiguity!

Between men and women, it is easy to appear ambiguous in daily life, a little careless into a certain ambiguous relationship. If there is mutual affection between two people who are both single, this transgression can be a wonderful beginning. But if you know clearly that it is impossible to be together, still have these details, it is not OK.

For us, if you have a loved one in your heart and want to refuse ambiguity, you will always find a way; Because you don’t want to let the person in your heart get hurt. No can not refuse ambiguity, true love you will refuse all ambiguity for you

Noble is noble epitaph, despicable is despicable pass.

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