Which is more important, money or love?

Love can only exist in one of two ways:

1. When I was a student, I was supported by my parents and had no shortage of food and clothing. Of course, I had no money. The two parties were brought together simply by mutual affection, appreciation and trust. This is real love!

2. After entering the society: both parties have a very good economic foundation and do not seek each other’s money at all. They have their own hobbies and pursuits. Both have plenty of suitors and plenty of other options. In this case, still decided to choose each other. That can be said to choose love!

Anyway, which is more important, money or love?

For ordinary people, love can only be met in the school days, after entering the society, because of the lack of money, so there is little choice. Since there is no choice, where is the love?

Minors can be economically dependent on their feelings. But adult relationships must be financially independent.

Therefore, money is the key to solving adult life problems, if even money can not solve the problem, most of the yellow.

How to choose between money and love

In today’s society, money and love are complementary to each other. Although money can’t buy true love, it seems that love without money is difficult to continue.

First of all, we need to understand that love is a spiritual food, while money is a material basis.

From a rational point of view, if you want to obtain spiritual pleasure, you must have the guarantee of material basis. From this, it is easy to conclude that without material basis, there will be no spiritual pleasure.

And the choice between love and money in life, the answer is obvious.

Love is based on material, and it is difficult to maintain love without money support. A life with only money and no love (or affection) is uninteresting and stifling. Life needs not only three meals a day, but also romance. Love and money need to be balanced in life.

Here’s the real problem: you meet a recent college graduate, you hit it off, but he comes from a poor family. If you can judge him to be a potential, then marry him. If you meet a rich second generation, elegant, good character, then marry it. If you meet a diaosi, there is no ambition, you love good, or at a respectful distance. If you meet a rich man, but you are just a plaything, let him go early.

Wish all the people in the world money rolling in, love full!

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