4 Ways to Tell If You’re in Love

How bad is it for a girl with a love brain?

A girl with these 4 manifestations is no problem in love brain, doomed to love road bumpy.

So let’s talk about the four most obvious signs of the love brain and see if you’ve been shot.

First, you care about each other’s actions.

Always want to know what they like the person is doing, 24 hours want to know, no matter they are studying, working, eating, playing, will always can’t help but appear in the brain of the other person’s information, just can’t control themselves to think.

For example, the other person now seconds back to you, you are very happy to smile, and then the other person suddenly disappeared, you are completely unable to settle down to do their own thing.

Second, the IQ is zero.

Once you fall in love with others, your IQ will be cleared immediately. You will unconditionally trust the person you like and be willing to give up a lot of things for him.

Such as hobbies, leisure, time, opportunities. In front of the person you like, you will always lower yourself, subconsciously feel like you are not worthy of the other person into a flattering personality.

Third, act insecure.

Every day is anxious about gain and loss, like to test each other, want to confirm each other’s love through this kind of testing, sensitive and suspicious. All of this human weakness is brought out.

And finally, ultimate performance.

The truth is that you know or desperate, even if you know that this relationship has no results, or will make the same choice to pay a lot.

Even if you are hurt in this relationship, you will still comfort yourself that he does not love me, he just has his difficulties, and finally use a period of youth in exchange for a wound.

In fact, boys and girls’ thinking mode is not quite the same, too much love brain girl is really paid a lot, but the other side can not feel, the other side will feel bound by you.

In fact, the best love is equal, in the sweet at the same time, two people had better keep their own, maintain a relative sense of independence, in order to stable love.

Do you think you are a love brain after reading this? If it is, timely adjustment, otherwise the injury is really only their own.

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