How do you keep the courage to love

Many people are afraid to love because of fear and self-protection. In the face of more and more impetuous social environment, love seems to change its taste: instant love instead of long time together, hooking up subverts loyalty…… In the face of this, those who yearn for love and the pursuit of perfect love, how can not fear, not self-protection?

Yes, I also want to meet someone who can be together for a long time without making love overnight. Because only then can let the lonely soul have sustenance, have placed.

As for how to keep the innocence and beauty of the first encounter, how to let oneself meet true love and go forward? I think it is very simple, love the time to try their best, separate the time to comb. Love regardless of personal hardship, even if scarred, is also the traces of love left. If you really hurt when you are apart, then you should smile rather than cry, because it shows that you really love. If you break up without feeling or feeling, be thankful instead of bitter, because it means you’ve been holding on to a game that should have ended long ago!

In every relationship, I don’t think about how to separate? Because I never want to separate; After each relationship, I will not hurry to start a new one, because I need to digest, comb, transform, forget, find the original myself, and then better welcome their arrival!

If we say that we are not afraid of being hurt by feelings that is pure self-deception, but afraid of what? Love brings us happiness, is often pain and happiness!

Brave to love, not afraid of obstacles, even if black and blue, but also to lick the wounds, to heal after starting again, because I believe that all experiences are the best arrangement, when we practice to become the best of themselves, the right person will be waiting for us not far away! And when we meet the love of our life, we should give him our best and brave selves, not fear!

May every self-love and loving friend get true love!

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